Vlado Martek, Art as an option and options in art
Foto: Kyril Rubinstein

Vlado Martek

Ana Dević

Booksa, Martićeva 14d, Zagreb
wednesday, 15/07/2020, 8 pm


The focus will be on poetry because it is my first vocation, but it is also where the flow and fate of the art of our time, starting with the Cold War, is refracted.
There are multiple roles and identities of a being who works in art, idealism is inevitable at some point, as well as at a certain moment of comprehension – parting with it.

Vlado Martek, a writer and philosopher by vocation, began working on the border between poetic and artistic practice in the seventies, transforming the medium of book and poetic writing into hybrid media types. From the very beginning, related to the Group of Six Authors, Martek remains preoccupied with testing the relationship between artistic and poetic practice. Regardless of the time in which he creates, he consistently plays with linguistic norms and causes confusion in the face of the dry and supposedly correct use of language. As one of his slogans says – I am in love with the country, long live adultery.