21.04. – 19.05.2006.
Mladen Stilinović, Woof – Woof
Mladen Stilinović, Woof – Woof, Gallery Nova, Zagreb, 2006

Mladen Stilinović


Gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Zagreb
21/04 – 19/05/2006

Contrary to the romantic or modernist vision of the artist as a kind of cultural hero, Mladen Stilinović speaks about key social issues and the question of how art is positioned in relation to them, using the metaphor of an artist-dog. By titling the exhibition Woof – Woof after one of the exhibited works, Stilinović once again reaches for the performative role of language, investing in the essential distinction between human and animal expression. In the process of becoming the subject of speech, man undergoes symbolic castration, depriving himself of the integrity that animals are not deprived of. Even if the dog has a fundamentally different approach to language, it still cannot escape it, as Lacan noted. But unlike a human, a dog speaks only because of an inner need or impulse. In this sense, Woof – Woof should be understood as the ultimate artistic gesture with which it is possible to speak and remain silent, to address the urgent need to establish a relationship and escape language at the same time.