Public Space as Space of Inclusion and Participation
Vedran Štimac,Vedran Štimac, Ribe

kuda.org and Živi Atelje DK

Živi Atelje DK, Ilica 110, Zagreb
saturday, 15/05/2023, 11 am – 1 pm

The day after the presentation  of Red Horizon book, kuda.org will continue its collaboration with Živi Atelje DK on the program Public Space as Space of Inclusion and Participation that began last year, thus initiating the creation of a mural in the courtyard of Živi Atelje in Ilica. Joining the informal conversation are curator and art historian Jelena Vesić from Belgrade, and muralist Vedran Štimac from Zagreb. Štimac is going to give a brief presentation on how murals can contribute to community-building, but also how community and context create murals. The event is envisioned as a lecture followed by a moderated discussion and, finally, an informal gathering. Even though the event is open to the general public, Živi Atelje DK particularly invites the local residents, and is open to suggestions on how to enrich their courtyard.

The event is a part of the pilot program Encounters in the Centre which is supported by the City of Zagreb’s special funding scheme Culture and Art in the Community. They are also an integral part of the program implemented by Communities of Learning, a platform consisting of six organizations: What, How and for Whom (WHW) and Živi Atelje DK (Zagreb), kuda.org, (Novi Sad), Neue Nachbarschaft / Moabit e.V. (Berlin), State of Concept Athens, and Crvena Association for Culture and Art (Sarajevo), dedicated to the exchange of independent and contemporary artistic programs that emphasize informal artistic education. 

The program is supported by:
Office for Culture, International Relations, and Civil Society of the City of Zagreb
Kultura Nova Foundation