WHW Akademija is an international study programme for emerging artists. The program of WHW Akademija treats “learning by doing” as a crucial element in a dialogic educational process that encourages participants to actively co-produce critical content while emphasizing collective methods of co-learning. It aims to foster new forms of self-determination based on modes of critical reflection, curiosity and encounters among artists, artworks, curators, researchers, and practitioners across disciplines. As it is envisaged as a place for testing ideas, making discoveries, and encouraging trial and error, the program of WHW Akademija includes a number of practical and creative exercises.

Recently, WHW Akademija  in limiting circumstances set up a model that combines online and physical encounters and explores participatory models of artistic and knowledge production based on collectivity and co-learning.

WHW Akademija is realized in partnership with the Kontakt Collection, Vienna and supported by Foundation for Arts Initiatives.The Kontakt Collection focuses on experimental and neo avant-garde art in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe from the late 1950s onwards. The artistic positions and themes Kontakt Collection explore serve as one of the foundations for the curicculum of the program of WHW Akademija.